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No. 101 Showrunner 101 (Back to Basics)
17th May 2017 • The Showrunner • Rainmaker Digital LLC
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A few hours before recording this episode, we received an email from a loyal Showrunner listener. It turned out to be the perfect idea for an episode.

Here is the email, from Jason Norris of Podcast Local, which is part of OnTheGo.FM.

If you haven’t planned episode 101 yet, consider this.

Showrunner 101 sounds like a college course. And usually courses like that cover the basic, foundational knowledge needed before moving forward.

I see it as a way to go back to basics, explaining again what a showrunner is (or even redefining based on doing 100 episodes and lessons learned).

Think Vince Lombardi and “This is a football.”

Well, Jason … don’t mind if we do!

In this episode, we go back to the basics and discuss what a showrunner is, and the important difference between a showrunner and a podcaster.

We also break down the four essential elements (or pillars) of a remarkable podcast and discuss how our thoughts on them have changed since we launched The Showrunner.

The essential elements are:

Authenticity (knowing yourself, knowing your audience, and finding the intersection between the two)

  • Usefulness (education, entertainment, and inspiration)
  • Sustainability (show up, show up reliably, show up reliably over time)
  • Profitability (direct, indirect, intrinsic)
  • If you’re a longtime listener, this will serve as a useful review of our core concepts — with some new ways of looking at them discussed.

    And if you’re new to the show, this is essential listening to make sure you understand the basics of what being a showrunner is all about.

    Listen, learn, enjoy …

    Listen to The Showrunner below ...

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