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Songs You Prefer to Listen to Alone (with Adam Claus)
Episode 476th July 2022 • Themes and Variation • Soundfly
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Whether you're longing for seventeen uninterrupted minutes of audible bliss, a chance to cling to an interpretation of an instrumental's narrative, or a way to savor the intimacy hidden in a crowd favorite, there are some songs that are best listened to on your own.

In the latest episode of Soundfly's podcast, Themes and Variation, Carter and Mahea are joined by voice actor, podcast host, and self-proclaimed non-musician (we'll agree to disagree on that last point), Adam Claus to discuss "Songs You Prefer Listening to Alone." The episode is anchored by selections from profound jazz pianist Bill Evans, instrumentally emotive post-rock group Explosions in the Sky, and Oasis, a band that really knew how to straddle the line between fame and infamy.

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