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Self compassion
18th January 2022 • The Traveling Introvert • The Career Introvert
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Self Compassion


Let’s talk about the importance of showing self-compassion. It is important to remember that everyone is going through something, whether we know it or not, and we need to learn to be more compassionate towards others and ourselves.


There are times in our lives where we are hard on ourselves. When you do this, you lack self-compassion. The way your inner critic speaks to you would never be an acceptable way to speak to others. Don’t allow yourself to speak that way about yourself either. 


Here are some tips for self-compassion:


It can help to give your inner critic a name. Example “Beatrice”, that way when you are having negative thoughts about yourself, you can tell “Beatrice” off by name with an appropriate speech. 


Avoid negative self-talk, internal and external. It’s okay to accept responsibility for a mistake. But name-calling is not an appropriate response to making a mistake. You wouldn’t talk to others that way, don’t speak to yourself that way either. 


Practice self-kindness. Give yourself the same encouraging, patience, and understanding advice you would give friends or family when it comes to facing a dilemma in your life. 


Stop comparing yourself to others. Everyone has different abilities and experiences. Don't focus on what others are doing and live your life and enjoy what you have. 


Recognize when something is a learning opportunity. Sometimes unexpected results can yield something great. Don’t be hard on yourself when you make “mistakes”; instead, learn from them. 


Look at your budget and see if you have something set aside for personal development. It can be something as simple as a coloring book. It doesn’t have to be just professional development (but it certainly can be). 


If you are having difficulty being kind to yourself, you might consider professional help. Many people who suffer from imposter syndrome find it hard to be kind to themselves. A professional therapist or counselor can help with that. 


Lastly, be patient. Change doesn't happen overnight. Craft a plan that allows you to tackle your self-compassion issues over time. Deal with one thing at a time. 




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