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The Power of the Stories that We Tell Ourselves, with Jane Turner
Episode 722nd September 2021 • Addressing the ELEPHANT in the Room® • One Light Ahead®
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Jane Turner is an Author, Coach, International Best-selling Author, International Speaker, and author of four books including "Mindset for Authors: How to Overcome Perfectionism, Procrastination, and Self-doubt."

As well as holding Master Coaching qualifications through the Behavioural Coaching Institute, Jane is also an NLP Master Practitioner with a gift for seeing a solid book structure emerge out of the conversations she regularly has with first-time authors.

Jane is the person behind The Power Writing Program, The Power Writers Publishing Group, and The Author Business Hub.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How the stories that we tell ourselves can keep us stuck
  • Why was the most toxic person in Jane’s life was the voice in her head
  • What is the hero's journey and how it impacted Jane
  • What can you do to uncover the stories that you tell yourself and how they limit you
  • Why you can share your stories, but not take away the journey for someone else


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