Synchronicity and How It Will Change Your Life
Episode 8625th May 2022 • To Succeed... Just Let Go • Willie Horton
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"I thought that I was drowning in the choppy waves of ordinary everyday life and then I opened my eyes only to discover that I was effortlessly bobbing up and down in a sea of opportunity" - I word-for-word quote from a client.

Opportunity is all around us. The events that so-called "coincidences" that will lead us forward towards the life we would love to live are happening all around us. And we are wandering around aimlessly with our eyes wide shut!

In this episode, we don't just explore the incidence of synchronicity, we look at the latest scientific evidence for what it is, how it works and our intrinsic role in the process.

And I talk about what this all looks and feels like in practice in our everyday lives and how, when we're in flow, our ordinary everyday lives become extraordinary. And, you know what? The only extra required is that you turn up to your own life... now.