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Discovering our Natural Magic - Using all of our energy channels
Episode 29th May 2022 • Intuitive You • Claire Walker
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Energy Channels are the highway system that transport information from various sources of information into us and our energy system. This can be quite a natural process it can also be a very purposeful intention. It's our normal & expanded senses that interpret this information making sense of it, enabling us to piece it together, to read it, to sense it, to know it.

In this episode Claire discusses 5 of our basic energy channels including our telepathic, empathic, intuitive, environmental, and medium. This is expanded into extra energy channels to enhance our intuition and specific roles we may have.

The differences between channels, working with them together in a protected way and gate keeping that use is all discussed.

Claire runs an Energy Channel course once a month where practical learning and methods are shared to optimise use of your energy channels.

Details can be found here - Discovering & activating your own Energy Channels | Claire Walker (





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