Artwork for podcast How to Get Your First 100K Podcast Listeners: For Online Business Owners
How to Use a Podcast if You're Spending Over $10,000 in Paid Advertising
Episode 188 β€’ 14th July 2021 β€’ How to Get Your First 100K Podcast Listeners: For Online Business Owners β€’ Luis Diaz
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A lot of entrepreneurs spend tons of money on ad spend, on paid traffic but are not getting the results they wanted. In the process of getting people into their funnels, they often overlook something very important. What is it that they are missing and eventually wasting money on? 

This is where a podcast comes in handy as a powerful tool in your pre-sales or pre follow up sequence and to promote bond building with your prospective clients and consumers. Use the podcast to your advantage!

In this episode:

- How are you losing so much money on leads that you're paying to bring people into your funnels? (...And it's a waste of everybody's time, too.)  

- Using your podcast to nurture and warm up people and more importantly, get them to trust you.

- Let's say you have the budget, how do you scale your podcast with paid traffic?


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