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Episode 1999th March 2023 • Verbal Diorama • Verbal Diorama
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Party on Wayne, and Party on Garth - it's only Aurora's finest basement-dwelling public access cable show. Wayne's World! Wayne's World. Party time. Excellent!

From its beginnings as a Saturday Night Live sketch, to its democratization of America's cable public access TV network, arguably Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar were the YouTubers of their day, and probably also invented podcasts... maybe...

But Wayne's World, for all its humour, pop culture references, fourth wall breaking, introducing the world to megababe Tia Carrere (SCHWING!) and satirization of media and product placement, actually wasn't a particularly easy film to make. Feuding leads, a first-time studio director, bereavement and a big name star post-sex tape scandal may not seem like a recipe for box-office success, but Wayne's World defied its critics to inspire a generation of millennials, and would resurrect Queen's music career in the US, thanks to a certain iconic head banging scene.

But will this episode have the sad ending, the Scooby-Doo ending, or the mega happy ending? Diddly doo, diddly doo, diddly doo, diddly doo....

I would love to hear your thoughts on Wayne's World !



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