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Episode 008: Your Server Holds The Secret To Building Rapport With Your Team
Episode 820th February 2021 • The Power To Adapt • Rico Pena
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On this episode we interview Cliff Bramble.

With forty years of restaurant operations and hotel experience in casual,

upscale, catering, and full service restaurant segments,

Cliff Bramble has built award winning restaurants from the ground up,

retro-fitted restaurants, opened Marriott Hotels, owned a coffee house, wrote

two books, and owns and develops profitable real estate investments.


In this episode, he speaks with Rico and Glenn about the

state of uncertainty COVID has brought onto the restaurant industry and more

specifically, how he has effectively continued to communicate with his team

during these trying times. This episode follows up to the concepts talked about

in the last episode and highlights practical and real world uses of

communication in teams during times of strife.

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00:00 - Episode Introduction

02:42 - Secrets of the Restaurant and Hospitality Industry

05:19 - The Subtle Effects of Communication

08:22 - Advice for new leaders: How to build trust and rapport with your team

10:42 - The First 3 Questions Managers must ask members of their teams to build rapport

16:31 - The Story of the 100 million dollar white envelope business (Old School CRM)

17:40 - The importance of the why- Find yours with a free behavioral assessment -- Text the word ”Report” to 55678

19:37 - 60 Things to Teach College Kids

23:58 - Takeaways from this episode -- The importance of failure

Today's Ricoism

1-Define: your desired outcome.. Write it down, create a dream board.. what ever it takes to be 100% focused on that outcome.

2- Committed: Write down an outline of the milestones you would need to achieve in order to achieve your vision. (Make it your mission to accomplish it) If you can not measure it you can not determine if you are getting closer or further away.

3-Conviction: In the areas you have not expertise, wisdom, skill or know how: read, learn from other sources, find a mentor get a job where you can gain the skills. ( Are you willing to do what it takes)

4- Clarity: Take time to refine and define what that vision is. That is your North star. You will stumble and fail, expect it, the clear the vision is the more focuse you are on it. That means that no matter how many time you fall or get turned around you still know where your North Star is. You can course correct and with each failure comes new wisdom that helps you to get closer.

5- Dedication: Each failure will test if you are truly committed or just feeding your ego. Each laugh, negative advice, disappointing look and closed door from others will challenge your belief in your vision. (If it was easy every one would do it) It is not about time but about your faith and belief of what you want to accomplish. Be convicted in achieving that vision and most importantly: Believe in your Ability to ADAPT, OVERCOME AND SUCCEED.