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Beyond the Webinar - More or less and Mighty Molecules
Episode 1229th April 2022 • International IVF Initiative Podcast • The International IVF Initiative
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Welcome to another episode of the I3 podcast where you'll hear two after parties for the price of one! First up, you'll hear what happened after the More or Less webinar, which was all about timings of lab events and how important they are. Speakers who joined the I3 team were: Dr. Jason Swain and Dr. Rebecca  Holmes with Dr. Chelsey Leisinger, Dr. Denny Sakkas, Hubert Joris, Dr. Alessandra Alteri,  Tricia Adams

Watch the full webinar:

 What was discussed:

  • Witnessing and time stamp access
  • How time stamps are controversial  - some people want to see it and some don’t 
  • How ideas are presented to the team 
  • Using timestamp with difficult sperm cases - measuring the time to search for sperm 
  • FET’s  - time issues and the impact it has on the embryology 
  • The impact of the traffic light system in the UK
  • The Use of ‘add on’s’ and whether there should be a cost? 
  • Blastocyst debate
  • Do they run shifts in the lab? 

In the second after party speakers included Dr. Pierre Comizzoli, Professor Marc Antoine Driancourt, Dr. Alison Bartolucci. Dr. Daniel Le Bourhis, Professor Islam M. Saadeldin, Dr. Eli Sellem and Dr. Antonio Capalbo

  • International Society for Extracellular vesicles 
  • Standards and oprations proceducres devleopd 
  • Extracting extracellular vesicles in the Giant Panda and discussion about artificial insemination. 
  • Discussions about life of Panda’s how they live in China and other countries have to pay rent to get to work with them. 
  • Working with Panda’s is very stressful as any mistakes, cause issues

Watch the Might Molecules webinar here

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