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Ancestral Trauma and The Voice Behind the Symptom with Esther Cohen
Episode 6010th July 2023 • Love This Food Thing • Jemma Richards
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Esther Cohen is an intuitive wisdom keeper, eating psychologist and guide for embodied wellbeing. Her work delves into the root cause of illness...

"I think we can trace our disordered eating back to our ancestry and the past few 100 years where women in particular were put in the role that the thinner you were the more godlike or angelic you were. Numerous religious organisations had young women as altar angels and they were starved to death.’

... and explores ancestral and familial trauma and importantly the voice behind the symptom.

“So much of our alternative thinking goes back to our origins. It’s our intuitive wisdom and knowing this that we have as our inheritance which has been sublimated by scientific research which is now looking at all the natural processes and realising they do make us healthier and happier.’

Tune in to hear Esther’s enlightening perspective on trauma, eating disorder behaviours and how to reclaim our innate wisdom for self healing to nourish ourselves with loving kindness.

We had a fascinating chat. I loved it!

I concur that loving kindness is the way and way out from ED and addictive behaviours.


Esther will now be at the Silver Bells Conference at The Falcon, Northampton (UK) on 22nd-23rd July, 2023 presenting on the panel and running a workshop.

She returns to The Falcon to host her Wild Contemplation Retreat from October 6th - 12th, 2023.

See The Falcon here for details! 


  • [08:30] - Ancestral Trauma
  • [20:15] - Voice behind the symptom
  • [35:00] - Trauma in the system
  • [40:00] - Exercise: in pausing



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