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Lucas Rockwood - Hard Yoga equals Easy Life
Episode 1227th September 2022 • Oxygen Advantage • Oxygen Advantage
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“When you understand the principles of what you’re actually doing with your nervous system, it’s just a lot more straightforward.”

This week on the OA Podcast, Patrick and Daniel speak with yoga master, TEDx Speaker, podcaster, writer, and entrepreneur extraordinaire Lucas Rockwood.

Lucas is the successful founder of YOGABODY and since the earliest days of his love affair with yoga he has made it his goal to find out the relationship between yoga and breathing and he admits, it has not been an easy road to walk.

Yoga was the saviour of Lucas who was a very unhealthy twenty something in 2002. He worked a job he hated, was abusing drugs and alcohol and only fuelled himself with quick and easy junk food. Something had to change, and for Lucas that change came after a challenging but rewarding yoga class.

Since then, he has travelled the world to work with master yogis and continues his journey to clearly define the breathing exercises for yoga. He notes that the main focus in yoga classes is on the poses and, while essential, this can often mean participants are lacking in the specifics of how to breathe for various postures.

It a goal of his to educate the yoga community about the importance of the specific breath for the right posture.