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Bring the Joy Back to Hosting w/ Mara the Joyful Hostess -26
Episode 2613th December 2022 • THE GRIT SHOW • Shawna Rodrigues
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Joyful Hostess is on a mission to teach women to let go of perfection and bring out their own inner joyful hostess. Mara believes when women feel good and confident about hosting more gatherings, that means more celebrations and that means more JOY! To Joyful Hostess wants to support you on your journey, and has a LOT of resources to make it easy. They’ve got everything from books to digital done-for-you party kits, an online Joyful Hostess Academy, a YouTube Channel, blog with recipes, tips and ideas; all to help you level up their hosting game.

Bringing the joy back to hosting, one party at a time. Mara is the founder of Joyful Hostess and entertaining is in her blood. Mara grew up in a family that hosted everything from big holiday gatherings to impromptu Sunday dinners to lively cocktail parties, and she loved every second of it. She's carried on those traditions with her own family because she believes inviting people to gather is an act of love. Mara has a talent in finding the joy in connecting and letting go of preconceived ideas of "perfection" especially when it comes to entertaining at home.

In this episode, Mara talks to us about the joy of hosting and making sure perfection doesn't distract from making the most of your gathering and the reason you put together the party in the first place. There are some marvelous stories along the way and Mara shares some valuable tips and tricks. It's a worthwhile conversation. We hope you join us!

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