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S1 EP4: Tim Soulo, CMO of Ahrefs | Growth Marketing | SEO tools
Episode 45th April 2022 • 30 Minutes of Growth • Alex Garcia
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Creating SEO content that performs consistently is a tough gig. I’m drawing back the curtain with 3 super actionable playbooks straight from the CMO of Ahrefs, Tim Soulo.

Great content is hard, it takes time and effort, but Ahrefs provides sophisticated tools to make the process easier, refining your craft and boosting your SEO.

Alex downloads Tim’s expert knowledge on 3 key elements for creating content that works hard for you: Creation, distribution, and strategy. 

Tim talks through his five levels test for analyzing content, why they pumped thousands into content creators and thought leaders, and how to create unique content when you’re out of inspiration.

These 3 highly actionable playbooks will save you time and get you results. Grab a notebook and get started right away.

One guest, three playbooks and all inside 30 minutes.

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