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Almost 30 - Lindsey Simcik EPISODE 309, 24th March 2020
Ep. 309 - Jen Gotch on The Upside of Being Down
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Ep. 309 - Jen Gotch on The Upside of Being Down


Jen Gotch joined us just over a year ago for a really important conversation about mental health, figuring yourself out, and self-care. Jen is a huge expander for a lot of us in Almost 30 Nation — Krista and Lindsey included! — so we had to have her back for round two to discuss her powerful new book. The Upside of Being Down is an honest account of Jen’s mental health struggles and how that long journey, with all its ups and downs, led to her greatest successes in work and life. She is so inspiring and unapologetic about her life + gives a fresh take on what it’s like being a constant internal battle. We dive deep into what it’s like to push yourself in your career without sacrificing self-care, opening yourself up to receiving praise, and the value of learning to quit things just to prove to yourself that you can.


We also talk about:

  • Coming back to compassion
  • Not changing yourself for others
  • Opening up + being able to receive
  • Self-care, self-love, + self-help
  • Being able to separate yourself from negative thoughts
  • Coping with emotional eating
  • Changing your relationship with alcohol


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