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9 | How Verizon’s Loyalty Program Elevates its Consumer Experience ft: Lisa Routel
9th November 2021 • Community Powered Marketing • Sue Frech
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It should come as no surprise that a company focused on communication prioritizes listening and having authentic, almost on-one-one consumer conversations in its loyalty program. 

In today's episode of Community Powered Marketing, Sue chats with Lisa Routel, Marketing Strategy Manager at Verizon, about the award-winning Verizon Up loyalty program and her thoughts on fostering emotional loyalty in a post-pandemic world.

You'll hear why emotion is a key driver for the most profitable customer behavior, influencing spend, loyalty, and lifetime value.

Why performance measurement needs more than just a qualitative and quantitative approach - it must also incorporate the human emotion aspect to be truly effective.

The process of evaluating partnerships, and why a potential partner must be in alignment with your company values while also being relevant to your customers.

Why Verizon chose to expand its loyalty program into a full platform, becoming more fully integrated across the entire ecosystem, enhancing value and the customer experience.

Join Sue and Lisa as they explore the power of leveraging your community to listen to and understand your consumers and make better decisions based on the insights you gain from the process.


What You’ll Learn in this Show:

  • The Verizon Up loyalty program and how it attempts to break free from a traditional points-based model to deliver immediate meaningful rewards and experiences to customers.
  • How measuring performance requires both a qualitative and quantitative approach, as well as an awareness of human emotions, a key part of the loyalty process.
  • The importance of listening to your customers and establishing a feedback loop to gain critical insights.
  • Why partnership evaluations must take into account both their alignment with your company values, as well as an understanding of their relevance to your customers.
  • And so much more...