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The Indiana Farmer Who's Pioneering Regenerative Agriculture: Meet Rick Clark
Episode 3728th March 2023 • Talk Farm to Me • Dana DiPrima
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Meet Rick Clark, a soybean and corn farmer in Indiana. Rick is a leader in regenerative farming. In this episode, we'll hear about Rick's journey from conventional farming and over-tilling to increasing cover crops and decreasing chemical inputs. Rick Clark is digging in and putting things right on his 7000-acre farm. Back to the way his ancestors did it.

Rick's vision, studiousness, and data collecting have driven him to step further and further from conventional farming practices. His work is so successful that it is rewriting the farming playbook.

Join me and Rick as we go row by row between the soybeans and cover crops, measuring along the way, to gain a deeper understanding of what's real and what's not in two disparate worlds of farming.

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