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The Gerry Anderson Podcast - Anderson Entertainment EPISODE 133, 28th December 2020
Pod 133: A Positive Look at 2020
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Pod 133: A Positive Look at 2020

It's the end of the road for 2020! We're choosing to focus on the positive by looking back at some of our favourite moments from the podcast this year. Thank you, Podsterons (You there! Yes, you!) for listening every week and supporting all things Gerry Anderson. Stay tuned for a FAB 2021!

01:07 Welcome to the last Pod of 2020!

04:07 That you, Kilroy? Give us a FAB Fact, boy!

11:01 From the Podsteron Facebook group!

15:13 The Gerry Anderson News. See links below!

19:22 Listener Emails

24:28 The Best of the Podcast in 2020 – Part One

1:00:42 Laying to rest a Chris controversy

1:04:16 Back to the beginning in the Randomiser!

01:18:55 Wrapping things up for 2020!

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