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TICM 15 - Joe Rios on How To Crush Your B.H.A.G
Episode 1618th August 2015 • The Inner Changemaker Show • Jay Wong
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Joe Rios is a normal guy turned international ultra-marathoner.


Listen to his story as he walks us through the last 5 years of his transformation and how he crushes his B.H.A.G. He successfully finished seven marathons on seven continents and joins an exclusive list of people in the world that has been able to accomplish the same feat. 


Joe has some of the most awe-inspiring stories we have heard on the show thus far and what is even more impressive, is the impact he has created within his community. Whether it was raising money for diabetes or children's hospital, Joe Rios has successfully created ripple effects that goes beyond what is imaginable for one person. 


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