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What is the Church of Christ?
21st January 2022 • Apologetics Live • Andrew Rappaport
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Apologetics Live episode 137 Two discussions in one mega episode. One will be with an unbeliever that wants to have a discussion. The second is a discussion on what is the Church of Christ. Some refer to the Internation Church of Christ as a cult, others claim it is the only true church. Both sides will be represented. This is a long one but wow is it worth it. The end is crushing. This podcast is a ministry of Striving for Eternity and all our resources Listen to other podcasts on the Christian Podcast Community Support Striving for Eternity Give us your feedback, email us Write us a review and tell us how we are doing. Sponsors: Logos Bible Software MyPillow or call (800) 873-0176 and use promo SFE




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