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The Book Marketing Action Podcast - Weaving Influence EPISODE 62, 20th July 2021
#62: Karin Hurt’s Author Journey
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#62: Karin Hurt’s Author Journey

Today's episode is part of an ongoing series called Author Journeys. This series focuses on interviews Becky conducted for her upcoming book, Reach: Creating Lasting Impact for Your Book, Message, or Cause (April 2022). In this episode, we are joined by Karin Hurt—CEO, Speaker, and Award-winning author. During this episode, Karin shares:

  • About her work in the world and her four books
  • The beginning of her author journey and how and when she decided to begin growing influence and connections online
  • For people who are in the beginning of trying to grow a following, create reach, or create a platform, when that all started to come together for her
  • Surprising insights she’s gained along her journey
  • In addition to the principle of consistency, other principles that she found to be critically important to her in growing online influence and a business 
  • Advice for people who might be struggling to create an online presence

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