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Give the people what they want — ‘Indulgence’
22nd June 2023 • Sn Off the Shelf • Supermarket News
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The IDDBA show floor was busy at Anaheim, Calif. this year (attendance was way up according to show officials) and several vendors mentioned both “quality and quantity” among attendees — meaning lots of retail buyers.  

The concept of “indulgence” was also going strong on the show floor. The message at IDDBA was that it’s okay for retailers to encourage a little indulgence among consumers, and it can be included in the overarching message around health.

Supermarket News Executive Editor Chloe Riley spoke with SN Contributor Mark Hamstra, for a breakdown of the trends he saw on the show floor at the recent IDDBA show in Anaheim, Calif.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why the concept of “little indulgences”is still going strong among consumers
  • Key challenges retailers face right now in the dairy-deli-bakery area
  • Other trends still going strong in dairy, bakery, and deli
  • Why grocers need to up their delivery game
  • This was the first show with IDDBA’s new president and CEO, David Haaf: find out what his vision is like for IDDBA moving forward 

Take a listen.

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