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The Constant Climb with kaNO
Episode 17317th May 2022 • Not Real Art • Crewest Studio
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The shifts and changes that have always characterized the creative industries have accelerated in the last few years with the rise of the blockchain and the introduction of NFTs into the popular lexicon. There are now more new avenues than ever for artists to explore and find themselves a niche in, and this is both exciting and daunting for many young creators. Here to talk about his journey through the creative life and his explorations into new possibilities is the amazing kaNO! Born and raised in New York and now based in Los Angeles for many years, kaNO is an artist, toymaker, animator, and generally a man of many talents! kaNO is also a family man, a thoughtful human, and someone we are so lucky to host on the podcast and share this space with. In today's episode, we speak about many different areas of kaNO's life, from how he approaches productivity and time management to his thoughts on education and community. The bulk of the second half of our chat is spent on the crypto space and how kaNO is thinking about his place in this burgeoning area of the art landscape, so to catch it all from a truly fantastic guest, hit that play button!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • kaNO's attitude to juggling different projects and demands on his time. 
  • The impact of education in kaNO's journey and the time he spent at art school. 
  • Democratization of the art business; his philosophy and what enabled him to keep growing. 
  • Why a network of peers and mentors are so important to any aspiring artist.
  • Current projects that kaNO is busy with; his forthcoming exhibition, new toys, and forays into NFTs and the blockchain! 
  • kaNO's perspective on NFTs currently and how they could change the game. 
  • How the NFT world connects to the Metaverse and a new creative culture. 
  • kaNO explains where he is at in his own process of learning about NFTs and where he wants to pour his energy.
  • The shift away from physical and tangible products with the younger generation. 
  • Staying relevant with the ways we acquire and share knowledge. 
  • The attraction that young people have towards the open and free nature of NFT education.

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