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Using a quiz to build your list from scratch with Lisa Johnson
Episode 544th November 2020 • The Email Marketing Show • Email Marketing Heroes
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Straight talking business coach Lisa Johnson was able to grow her mailing list at a SUPER FAST rate with the use of a single lead magnet.

With it getting harder and harder to convince people to sign up to mailing lists, the standard PDF usually won’t cut it nowadays if you’re serious about building your list and building it fast

So, what makes Lisa’s lead magnet so exceptional and why are people falling over themselves to give her their email address?

More to the point, is this something you could do? 

Lisa Johnson

Episode Content

  • (02:39) It’s two lies and a truth time and Rob isn’t messing around!  
  • (03:38) OK, so how did Lisa grow her list so god damn fast? 
  • (04:24) How did Lisa go about making sure this was the perfect lead magnet for her ideal clients? 
  • (07:00) Why we LOVE these types of lead magnets.
  • (09:28) Not getting the person’s email right away is actually pretty genius. How and why does Lisa do it? 
  • (12:02) The magic behind segmenting. Do you do this?  
  • (14:39) How to make sure you use Facebook Ads like a BOSS. 
  • (16:18) Getting in front of audiences when you’re still new to the game - how the heck do you do it? Lisa shares exactly how she did it.
  • (19:03) Oops, we did it again - It’s subject line of the week time.  

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