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The Grow Your Private Practice Show - Jane Travis EPISODE 54, 30th June 2021
The 10 Keys To Success for private practice owners
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The 10 Keys To Success for private practice owners

If you want to greatly increase your chances of success in private practice then this podcast episode is the one for you.

Because  I share with you my top 10 keys that will lay the foundations for a successful business that works for you and your clients. 

In this podcast episode we explore the importance of:

  1. Starting before you're ready
  2. Why action is the antidote to fear
  3. Managing failure 
  4. Understanding your self sabotage
  5. Money mindset
  6. How there's always going to be something new to learn
  7. The benefits of having a niche
  8. Networking
  9. How you are absolutely good enough
  10. Your business, your rules

So, if you're waiting for everything to be perfect or feeling scared about telling a group of people what it is you do then sit back and take note.  This podcast will show you that you have it within you to grow a successful business on your terms.

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