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Episode 8812th March 2024 • Parts Department • Justin Brouillette & Jem Freeman
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Join Jem and Justin as they discuss contraction and time management. They brainstorm product ideas from beds to DJ stations, and explore software tools like Quotient, Da Vinci Resolve, and Affinity. Both share experience with Profit First and they tackle a question about CNC Shop startups.

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  • LB contraction
  • Getting super tight with my time.
  • Product ideas
  • Beds
  • DJ station is sick
  • Software Corner
  • Smaller team could mean much smaller software stack.
  • Quotient is where quotes are sent, consider using it as the primary QR tool moving forward as it was the tools for leads and follow ups included.
  • Da Vinci Resolve
  • Affinity Software - Photo, Designer, Publisher
  • Profit First:
  • Justin - Picked a bank, set up auto-transfers. Mostly moved deposits.
  • Question - CNC Shop startup?


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