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The 3 Layers of Money Mindset
Episode 39026th June 2024 • Systems Saved Me® • Jordan Gill
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In this episode of the System Saved Me® Podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing Kelly Ruda, an expert in money mindset for women in business. Kelly shared her insights on the three layers of money mindset, starting with the surface level of how we think about money, moving deeper into feeling unsafe with money, and finally addressing the universal limiting belief of not feeling enough. She emphasized the importance of reprogramming our beliefs around money to become powerful stewards of our finances.


00:00:00 - Introduction to Money Mindset with Women

00:05:30 - Three Layers of Money Mindset

00:11:33 - Overcoming Money Mindset Challenges

00:17:10 - Addressing Money Mindset Misconceptions

00:22:06 - Exploring the Deepest Level of Money Mindset

00:26:45 - Women's Difficulty in Receiving Money

00:32:16 - Embracing Freedom in Money Mindset


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