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Empower Yourself Financially When You're Suddenly Single w/Rachael Burns
Episode 315th March 2022 • SoloMoms! Talk • J. Rosemarie
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Rachel Burns is a Certified Financial Planner who helps newly single women achieve financial independence after divorce or death of a spouse. She shares her financial insights as well as the story of her own personal journey navigating my husband’s terminal illness.

Pitfalls for divorced & widowed women:

  • Take a longer view of your financial situation; don't just focus on the here and now.
  • Try to avoid making financial decisions based on your emotions
  • Consider the tax aspects of how assets are split up
  • Take small steps to learn basic financial skills that can help you better manage your money

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Rachael is passionate about helping women achieve financial independence after the loss of their partner to death or divorce. She is the founder of True Worth Financial Planning, which offers fee-only planning, divorce financial analysis, and investment management tailored to the unique needs of newly single women.

Prior to founding True Worth, Rachael spent 12 years advising affluent families under the top wealth management firms. She is a Certified Financial Planner® and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®, and has an MBA and a masters in personal financial planning.

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