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Ep 165: A Recap on VLC, with My Veterinary Life and The Whole Veterinarian
Episode 16521st February 2023 • That Vet Life Podcast • That Vet Life Podcast
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This week’s That Vet Life Podcasts, is slightly different from the norm, as Dr. Moriah shares the mic with Dr. Annie Chavent and Dr. Marci Kirk (from My Veterinary Life Podcast), and Dr. Stacey Cordivano (The Whole Veterinarian). 

The veterinarians Marci Kirk and Annie Chavent are co-hosts of the podcast My Veterinary Life and Assistant Directors for Recent Graduate Projects at the AVMA. Dr. Stacey Cordivano is the owner of mobile veterinary practice and host of the Whole Veterinary podcast, a podcast devoted to helping veterinarians grow as whole people. Last but not least, the episode features Dr. Moriah, our beloved host of the That Vet Life Show.

During this episode, Drs. Moriah, Annie, Marci, and Stacey discuss their recent experience at the 2023 Veterinary Leadership Conference. They recap some of their key takeaways from the conference and share reasons why to join the conference, hosted by the American Veterinary Medical Association, next year.

Whether you're looking for inspiration as a professional, practitioner, podcaster, or student looking for tips on how to find the perfect balance in life, listen in to learn more about the Veterinary Leadership Conference.


  • [01:13] Dr. Moriah begins the episode with a short introduction of Dr. Stacey Cordivano, Drs. Marci Kirk, Dr. Moriah, and Annie Chavent.
  • [03:00] The three veterinary podcasters reveal why they attended the Veterinary Leadership Conference. 
  • [06:47]  Covering the clinic aspects of the Leadership Conference, Dr. Moriah shares the key takeaways she received at the conference
  • [08:50] As a practice owner, Dr. Stacy discusses the important lessons she learned at the Leadership Conference.
  • [11:08] A short ad break - Join our Career Concierge service.
  • [11:25] Marci Kirk shares her experiences and insights gained as a podcaster at the conference. 
  • [13:05] Dr. Marci and Annie discuss potential opportunities for networking at the conference, where industry leaders, podcasters, and practitioners all were in attendance.
  • [16:30] Dr. Stacy discusses the most important lessons she learned about managing her life as a working professional.
  •  [21:40] Dr. Moriah wraps up the episode.