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PodOn Podcast - StudioPod Media EPISODE 13, 27th April 2021
A Curious & Scrappy podcast host, Rebecca Schwartz
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A Curious & Scrappy podcast host, Rebecca Schwartz

Welcome to PodOn, the podcast where we share stories from other podcasters and talk with them about the challenges we all face when beginning the podcasting journey. If you are a podcaster, we would love to hear your story and your feedback. If you love this podcast, please subscribe and share it with your friends. 

On this episode of PodOn, Julian and TJ talk to fellow podcaster, Rebecca Schwartz from Dating in the Bae, about her experience starting and growing a podcast in the middle of the pandemic. Rebecca shares with us the inspiration behind her show, how she got over disliking her own voice, and the tricks behind being a confident content creator. Join us on this episode to learn firsthand what it means to grow a successful podcast from scratch and why resilience, resourcefulness, and flexibility are must-have qualities that will help you thrive in this industry!

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(01:42) - Becca’s dating experience and how it inspired Dating in the Bae -  “I heard a bunch of podcasts about dating and relationships and they always have this element of “something's wrong with you” and I just fundamentally believe that that's not true.”

(05:27) - The pandemic creative nudge: “I was unemployed, there's a global pandemic and I was just sitting at home and talking to myself. So I was like, might as well just record myself.”

(08:22) - Stop cringing to the sound of your own voice - “You sound like what you sound, everybody has a crutch word, everybody has an uhm word.”

(12:22) - How to get phenomenal guests and offer something of value: On sliding into DM’s and scheduling - “It's the same approach that I have for dating that I use for the podcast, which is just “cast a wide net and see what happens”.”

(18:04) - On getting new audiences while staying true to yourself - “I think people should measure their own success and not rely on outside validation.”

(21:43) -  Adjusting on the flight: How being flexible can help you expand your show - “I will brainstorm lots of random ideas and then I'll try and figure out people that can help me get those topics covered.”

(25:52) - Should I get a sponsor or a co-host?: On bringing collaborators into your project - “It'd be nice if I had a co-host because I could refer to them and then also we'd have our own banter.”


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