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Episode 775th December 2022 • Dipped In Tone • Dipped in Tone
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A Boss RE-202 Space Echo … on a vocal mix? A hot pink overdrive, treble boost, and echo in one pedal named SusMaryOsep—a word Filipino mothers shout at troublesome children? An Artificial Blonde—with hat’s off to Madison Cunningham—that’s a slightly pitched vibrato? Line 6’s Catalyst modeling amp—sexy or not? Amp plugins from Neural DSP and Line 6? Tone King’s royal-sounding Imperial MkII and Soldano’s SLO-30? Metallica in a box (Caroline Guitar Company’s Crom)? A Pigtronix Star Eater fuzz that looks like a wild berry Pop Tart? And have you seen the new Empress Para EQ and Origin Effects’ M-EQ Driver? Hosts Rhett Shull and Zach Broyles run down their top gear of the year. Plus, dueling Les Pauls and the eternal question: to refret or not to refret. And is a bone nut really better than nylon? And what’s a Dutchburst, anyway? Tired of questions? Well, Rhett and Zach also talk post-Thanksgiving turkey. And Zack tells about his 6-string family reunion with his first guitar and flashes the new Mythos Pedals Hephaestus, named for the Greek god of blacksmithing. What else? (Sorry, that’s another question!) Rhett opens up a box of spankin’ new pickups from Stew-Mac, and they discuss the online screeds and screeches trailing their conversation about tone woods with Paull Reed Smith in the previous episode. And yes, they do dip a rig, submitted for dissection by “Dipped in Tone” listener Kenny, whose ’90s rock setup—with stitched-rose guitar straps—sparks yet another argument about the merits of the Tube Screamer and the virtues of the Phase 90 and Phase 45 versus the Small Stone.

Big thanks to StewMac for sponsoring this episode. Head to to get 10% off!

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