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1982 - Let's Get This Party Started
19th May 2022 • Movie of the Year •
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Movie of the Year: 1982

Let's Get This Party Started

It's the intro to 1982 season of Movie of the Year!

It's time to start a new season of Movie of the Year, and what better year to turn our attention to than 1982? According to my calendar, that was 40 years ago, but -- hang on -- if that's true then that would mean I'm...uh-oh....My god: I've become this super-old guy with a sour disposition and a sore knee. But it could be argued that more than just the health of my joints has deteriorated since 1982. Yes, the quality of the movies themselves has fallen apart worse than my lower back or bathroom area.

After all, we'll never see another summer like the Summer of '82. Blade Runner, we're not getting another movie like that, Jack. Not in 2022 anyway. ET? He ain't coming back. And not just because his people live famously short lives due to their drinking. This country doesn't have another ET in it, and the only thing we'll have that's like Blade Runner again is our air quality and total lack of empathy.

But that's the grim reality, isn't it? Our present is the awful future these movies looked toward with trepidation. Yeah, well at least we didn't vote for Regan and mess up the whole dang country, you dang dumb preppies. Also, I have a feeling some of these movies are going to be problematic. 48hrs. I dunno, I have a feeling that is gonna be pretty racist, very sexist, and I wanna say potentially homophobic? Conan the Barbarian? In this economy? Plus, I'm getting Northman vibes off that, and I abhor copycats.

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