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Rate My Retirement - Episode 3 (Michael Dejarnette Case Study)
Episode 312th August 2021 • Rate My Retirement • Dan Casey
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In the latest installment of Rate my Retirement, Dan Casey is joined by a retired veteran of the United States Air Force, Michael Dejarnette, who has a wide-variety of variables to consider within his retirement portfolio.

In addition to his military experience, Michael brings a sufficient understanding of financial planning and asset allocation. Listen as Dan and Michael review his retirement portfolio and dive deep into the best strategies to maximize the portfolio's value as a whole.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy another provoking conversation, surrounding a uniquely developed retirement portfolio, that is bound to leave you considering your own retirement strategy!


0:05 - Welcome to the show and an overview on Michael Dejarnette

2:30 - Highlighting Michael's income

3:11 - Overview on the various assets Michael has at his disposal

7:10 - Michael's required Rate of Return

9:29 - If Michael were to pass away at 70 years old, this is what his Rate of Return would need to be

11:00 - The projected Required Minimum Distribution on Michael's portfolio

20:00 - What Michael's Social Security taxation looks like before and after his Required Minimum Distribution

22:00 - Dan's issues/concerns with Michael's portfolio as it stands

33:00 - Actions Dan recommends to maximize Michael's retirement strategy

37:15 - Closing remarks and how to get in touch with Dan at Bridgeriver Advisors, LLC

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