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Tools: Screen Capture, Image Viewer, Clipboard - Tales of Marketing Transformation # 021
Episode 215th July 2021 • Tales of Marketing Transformation • Dr Jürgen Strauss
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Thank you for joining me on the quest to make marketing human again.

I’m very excited because from here on, we’re going to do something different for the Tales of Marketing Transformation. Aside from the video, we’ll talk about three different segments:

  1. Tools - where I’ll be sharing some of the tools we use to run our business and what we like about them,
  2. Podcasting - where we’ll talk a lot about the mindset and soft skills of podcasting, and
  3. Marketing - after all, this is Tales of Marketing Transformation.

Are you ready?

Let’s begin with this episode, where I’ll be sharing three tools that we use: ShareX - a screen capture productivity tool, FastStone Image Viewer, and Clipboard History Pro.

Listen to the podcast to learn more.

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