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Ep 107 Sugar Daddy and Anti-Vaseline Dating Apps Banned, Rat "Bromances", "Eggplant" Snakes On the Loose, Baby Born Pregnant?
Episode 10712th August 2021 • No Reason • Nola J
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The No Reason Podcast with Nola J. aka Chocolate Blonde featuring Don Suave'.

00:00 Intro

00:39 Suave' Botches the Intro

7:56 Apple Bans Anti-Stabby Dating Apps

13:05 Taliban Re-branding (?), Clashes With Members in Clubhouse Room

15:04 Girls Snatch Dead Person's Chain on Snapchat, Charges Filed

17:23 Research Shows Male Rats Keep Friends Better than Female Rats

18:51 Orangutans Forced to Do the Most in Torturous Safari

22:04 PA Mom Arrested for Not Cutting off WAP

24:00 Sugar Daddy Apps to be Banned by Google

27:15 Two Men Drown Swimming in a Canal Trying to Kidnap Woman

30:43 Groom Shoots Bride After Suspecting She Was Having Affair

35:52 Penis Snakes On the Loose in Florida

39:12 Noisy Neighbor Complaint Goes Deadly Wrong

41:22 Castrations Are a Fetish?

43:40 Free Lap Dances at Stripper's Funeral

46:03 Florida Students Don't Like Being American?

48:19 It's Okay to Shoplift if You're Desperate

51:12 First Black Hockey Player Gets Congressional Gold Medal

52:17 Matt Damon Cancels Himself

58:08 The Weeknd's New Video Causes Seizures

01:00:20 WFT Bans All Native American Inspired Attire

01:09:56 Vegan Boiled Eggs? 🤢

01:11:26 Connecticut Actress Has the World's Biggest Mouth

01:15:11 Get a Signed New Orleans Saints Jersey

01:16:15 Sex Parties Are Back

01:24:02 Baby Born Pregnant

01:27:34 Cosby Fresh Out, To Appear In New Rap Video

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