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Executive Learning REWIRED - Headspring EPISODE 19, 24th April 2020
ELR #010 - How people learn, with Nick Shackleton-Jones
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ELR #010 - How people learn, with Nick Shackleton-Jones

The multi-systems crises catalysed by Covid-19 have challenged business, society, the world economy, and many of our pre-established beliefs.

In these difficult times we are given endless opportunities to learn and develop, but what separates organisations and individuals that learn effectively from those that don't?

What potential gains can be harnessed by taking a genuine learning approach to experiences, and role do leaders play in this evolution?

Helping to answer these questions is Nick Shackleton-Jones: iconoclast, free thinking learning expert, HR Director, Learning at Deloitte UK, and author of How People Learn.

Meet our guest: Nick Shackleton-Jones