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Suicide to Significance with Robb Nash
Episode 8921st March 2022 • The DNA Airwaves • The DNA Project
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Our guest today is Canadian musician Robb Nash. Robb is the lead singer of The Robb Nash Project, which is an immersive concert experience that uses music and stories to captivate its audience. Depression, anxiety, self-harm, addiction, bullying, and suicidal ideation are among the issues covered in their presentation. They bring this sensitive subject matter to life in a totally unique way that is both thought-provoking and motivating, as well as engaging and hilarious at times. Their performances take place in performing arts theatres and arenas across Canada and are planned in collaboration with local schools and communities. Robb shares his incredible story with us and what prompted him down this unique path. Incredible chat with an incredible human being. Enjoy responsibly.

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Produced By: Anthony Lewis and Diriki Palmer

Mixed and Edited By: Mat Keselman