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5 Reasons Why You Need a Coach
Episode 10419th June 2023 • The BraveHearted Woman • Dawn Damon
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 It's Dawn Damon, your host, and you're listening to The BraveHearted Woman Podcast. This is a podcast designed to help you go further and faster as a brave midlife woman. No sense in doing this journey all by yourself. I'm glad that you're joining and listening.

So, with no goals, no priorities, or no life strategy, we often drift with the herd in an endless meadow of mediocrity, unable to break loose or achieve even a small part of the dreams we once cherished. I just wanna tell you, that's incredible. I don't want to just mean, and through mediocrity in an endless meadow of nothing that does not sound like the kind of life I wanna live. How about you?

Today on The BraveHearted Woman Podcast, I wanna help you fulfill your dreams. If you're not sure what those dreams are, then I wanna help you uncover a brave vision, some dreams, and goals for your life. I'm gonna give you five reasons why you might need a coach ~ a life coach to help you.

The first one is that a life coach will help you clarify your goals and create a roadmap for you so that you can achieve them. Without goals, a blueprint, or a roadmap to achieve the things that you say you wanna achieve, you're gonna squander your most valuable commodity.

Do you know what is your time? We can always make more money, but we can never get our time back. The tragedy of life doesn't lie in not reaching your goals, but in not having goals to reach. Come on, bravehearted woman, I wanna know what your goals are, your dreams, and your plan on achieving those. So remember this, if you aim at nothing, then you're gonna hit it every time nothing that is. Or if you have nothing in your heart to expect, then you can expect nothing. But a coach will help you discover what it is that you're really purposed to do in this life, what it is you're created for, and what it is you're gifted for. What it is that you are probably very capable of doing, of course, you're capable of doing it, what you should be aiming for. So a coach will help you discover like, these are my personal desires. I never realized that these desires were actually dreams, convictions of things that I feel very passionate about.

Coaches are called to help you reach your potential and you do have potential. By the way, goal setting with a coach will catapult you into an incredibly successful life, a new level for you perhaps. Because I know when I got a coach in my life, I accomplished so much more in that one year. I've had my coach now for several, but in one year than I had been doing on my own for the past five. If you don't have a coach, I want you to really consider that.

The second thing that a life coach is gonna help you break through limiting beliefs and self-doubt and we all have a little bit of self-doubt, don't we? Just in some areas of our life we wonder, can I really do this? We wonder, am I good enough? Am I qualified? Or maybe we flat out have limiting beliefs that say, ‘No, you can't do it. No, you are not qualified for that.’ Those voices say you can't do it.

How about that? Does self-doubt hold you back? Well, a coach can help you unearth those beliefs. Find out how your subconscious or even your unconscious mind is something that you can't access and you don't know that you're thinking this. But it's programmed. Your brain and your mind are programmed to take you so far and then pull back because you have a limiting belief. You have set limits on your life that say, ‘I can go this far and no further.’ And you're saying that a limiting belief goes, ‘Hey, this is a risk that you cannot take.’

Sometimes our brain will define anything that's uncomfortable as a risk. Meaning it's unfamiliar. It's not risky. It's just something that you're not familiar with. But your brain will start sending you all kinds of messages and bells and whistles to say, ‘Hey, this appears to be dangerous. Pull back, step away from the risk.’ But if you take a moment, you look at those, you define whether this is a wise, ‘Yes, it might be a risk, but it's something that I'm well able to do with the plan.’ With some education and some coaching, you're gonna enlarge the territory of your life ~ a life coach.

A life coach can help you identify limiting beliefs, and that's because someone outside of your life can look at you and recognize patterns. We can observe the way you hold your body language when it comes to certain ideas and topics. We can see and hear a consistent vocabulary that keeps saying, ‘This is something I can't do.’ We can count how many times you're saying, ‘No, I can't.’ So a life coach is very important for you if you wanna go to the next level. I do mean very few people are able to elevate all on their own. Takes a little bit of effort to recognize limiting beliefs. Reframe limiting beliefs, speak a more empowering message, and believe that I am able and I am capable. A life coach can help you do that. You gotta challenge those beliefs. You've gotta question yourself doubt. You've gotta push the boundaries and enlarge your life now by consistently replacing negative or restrictive beliefs with more empowering ones. You replace those and you start saying the right thing and the powerful thing, you will indeed shift your mindset and open up to new possibilities and you begin to grow and develop and achieve, and a life coach is gonna help you do that.

The third thing, and it just makes sense and it falls right in line with what I was just saying, a life coach will help you develop a growth mindset. A growth mindset is closely intertwined with overcoming limiting beliefs because a growth mindset believes and states emphatically my ability, my intelligence, and my talent. It is malleable. It can change. I can change. I can grow. I can improve through dedication and effort, and a willingness to learn. ‘Hey, I can get better. I can grow, I can change. I will not be in the same place this time next year that I was last year.’ And many people won't be in the same place this time next year, as they were last year. They'll be in a worse place because nothing really stays the same. Either you're growing or you're declining, so you've gotta get better.

You know this every day, the 1% better. But a coach will help you embrace this growth mindset and help you identify, again, that negative narration that may be going on inside of you that says, ‘I can't do this. I'm stuck. I’m too old, my time has passed.’ No, it isn't. No, it hasn't. You can still grow. You can still learn. So even if you're worried about failure, we can just look at failure as our friend and say, ‘Hey, I have so much education now. I have so much wisdom now I have so much experience because I tried this one thing and yeah, I didn't get the results or the outcomes that I wanted.’ That's all. There is no failure, just outcomes. I didn't get those outcomes. But they are not permanent setbacks and it is not life giving me a no, you can't do it. It's life-giving me to try a different way. So you have to embrace it ~ a love for learning. You have to cultivate resilience.

One of my favorite words is resilience. I like to live life with grit and glitter. You gotta be willing to face these obstacles, and a coach will help you do that. A coach will help you say, ‘No, and get back out there.’ When a coach sees that you've all of a sudden gone into fear in something, in an area of your life, you tried something maybe you feel like, ‘Ah, I failed. I feel stupid. I'm embarrassed. That hurts.’ A coach will say, ‘Uh-uh, get back out there,’ and help you face that fear immediately before it sets up camp and decides to live there inside your soul and your spirit. We are gonna help you face these obstacles and embrace the power of effort and recognize that you can expand and take your potential to another level if you're willing to try stuff.

The fourth thing that a coach will help you do ~ our favorite word is accountability. Yes. A life coach will help you stay accountable and help you continually be motivated to stay on track. Do you know that social science and psychologists will tell us the number one indicator that you're gonna excel is if you're willing to become accountable without accountability, and guess what? We lack that necessary pressure, that push, that force that comes behind us to say, like I just mentioned, ‘No, do it again.’ Do it again. ‘Hey, how come you didn't do that project yet? You said this was a goal, but you haven't started yet. How come?’ Because we on our own are most likely gonna give in instant gratification.

Did you know that we are gonna throw the plan out the window? When our body hurts or our mind hurts, or we feel some exhaustion, or we just feel like something is too difficult, we're gonna say, ‘I need a self-care day. I just need to give myself permission to rest.’ We start crafting these compassionate stories which, yes, they're important, but we have maybe a little bit of compassion overload and a little lack of discipline. Get your butt out there and do it again. Come on. You got this in you.

A coach will provide that support and that encouragement, and a coach will also hold you responsible and remind you. You said that you wanted to reach this goal, not just because you were wanting some kicks and giggles. You said you wanted to reach this goal because it would change your life. It would change your family's life. It would change the trajectory of your financial picture. You said you wanted to reach this goal. I don't want you to give up now or quit for some instant here today, gone tomorrow, excuse. I want you to press in so you can get that goal. It's going to change your life. A coach is gonna help you do that.

Finally, the last one, and I can give you so many more, but let me just give you this last one. The reason why a life coach is really important is that you will build confidence and self-esteem. One of the greatest reasons why you're gonna do that is because when you start working with a coach, you're gonna start seeing results. You're going to be getting the results that by yourself you were not able to get. And when you start seeing results, you're gonna feel so empowered by the progress that you're making. Not only that, you're gonna have new evidence, you're building new evidence to say, ‘I can do that. If I can do this, what else can I do?’ You're gonna see yourself be confident start to elevate and ignite to a whole new level. You're gonna be on fire believing if I can do this, I can certainly do this. So a coach helps you find small goals, and break your big dream down into doable, small, attainable, bite-size, achievable goals.

Then, you're gonna say, these goals align with me living my best life, and so I am gonna tap my potential and a coach is gonna help me. Now take those smart goals. Please get a coach when you're setting goals. Avoid the 5 common mistakes that most people make in goal setting. I have a podcast that I'll share with you.

But what you wanna do is you wanna start taking action. As you're reaching these goals, you're moving forward, courageous action at probably, and you're gonna start making progress and you're gonna have new evidence to say, ‘Look at what I did. If I did this, I can do anything. Anything that I'm called to. Anything that's aligned with who I am, my values, my talent, and my skillset, I can do anything that God has a purpose for me to do. I don't have to show up in heaven and apologize because I didn't fulfill my purpose and my destiny.’ And then a coach is there to celebrate with you and say, ‘Woohoo, look at you. Give you all the woos. All the woo hoos.’ We're gonna celebrate with you and your self-esteem is gonna go off the charts. It's a powerful thing. A coach will fuel that motivation for you to keep you going, and keep you moving forward.

By the way, my offer for you this week is my free ebook. It's called Ignite Your Confidence and Soar with Self-Esteem. And if this is an area where you do need some extra encouragement that your motivation maybe is at an all-time low, maybe your confidence is in the tank. Maybe you're looking in the mirror and you're just wondering, ‘Hey, who is that girl that's looking back at me? I don't recognize her.’ We all go through that. We reach different landmarks. If you will, or mile markers, milestones, perhaps, of this aging process. But please do not buy the lies and the myths that are so common that women start to fall prey to thinking, ‘Hey, my best life is over.’ No, it isn't.

Don't you wanna find out what else you can do? Maybe it's time for you to get a life coach. So I wanna remind you again my admin assistant, Bonnie, might go, ‘What are you doing?’ But we're gonna do it anyway. Sorry, Bonnie. I'm gonna offer once again a FREE strategy call for those who are considering a coach and you wanna explore what that's all about. I'm here to help you, not for everybody, and not if you've already had one. Well, if you already had a free strategy call, we're probably working together now because. Most people who call me and we have that first-time conversation, wanna continue on and work together. So that's what I have for you today. I really hope that this has helped you. I believe that it has.

Bravehearted woman, do me a favor, please subscribe to my channel. It will help me out so much. It lets people know that you enjoy powerful content for midlife women and it'll boost my ratings, but also take a minute and share this with someone. If this could help someone, if you've been teetering or someone that's teetering on the fence of possibly going to the next level in their life and getting a coach to do that, whether it be me or someone else, don't delay on that. You need to move on. That idea of getting a life coach. And also take time to review it.

All right, everybody. I'm gonna leave you like I always do. This is Dawn Damon, the brave heart mentor, helping you live bravely by telling you to find your brave and live your vision!