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TWP 103: Unstoppable Curiosity with Chalice Springfield
Episode 10327th April 2021 • The We Podcast with Sarah Monares • Sarah Monares and Loudspeaker Studios
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You're listening to episode #103 with Chalice Springfield

In this episode I get to talk with Chalice Springfield. Chalice recently made a huge career change from being in the real estate world for many years to healthcare. We talk about taking that scary leap out of your comfort zone and into what you feel your heart is calling you to. As well as taking the leap, even when you don’t have all the answers. We discuss getting back to ourselves, and what Chalice coins as our “second half” of this human experience. Chalice is a light and so full of wisdom. I can’t wait for you to hear from her! 

Learn more about Chalice:

Chalice started at Sears Real Estate when she answered an ad on an index card to work in the mailroom on the job board at the University of Northern Colorado. She was just 19 years old and seeking employment to help put her through college so she didn’t have to eat ramen and could fill her car with gas. After earning her bachelor’s degree at the University of Northern Colorado, while working full-time at Sears Real Estate, she plunged into the world of real estate where she found herself for 29 years. In 2021, she jumped out of that swimming pool into the world of health care where she is the Chief Development and Communications Officer at Sunrise Community Health. By day, she works in health care, and in her superhero time, she works as a motivation speaker, personal coach and trainer with her business, Unstoppable Curiosity.

Chalice is committed to being “green and growing” not “ripe and rotten” which is why she enjoys inspiring, training, and coaching individuals and teams. She has over 15 years of expertise in the area of motivational speaking and has professional training as a personal coach. Chalice has spoken at National Conferences and in Colorado for various groups, non-profits and businesses.

In her free time, Chalice enjoys unleashing her creative side by making and sending homemade greeting cards, expanding her brain by reading and traveling, and spending time with her husband of 25 years, Chris and her cats, Berto and Jack (who happens to have one eye). Unlike most people in the world, Chalice actually loves public speaking (when it can be fun).

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