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Jennie Bellinger, ADHD Super Sales Coach
Episode 712th August 2022 • Neurodiversity Superpowers of Autism, ADHD, OCD, Dyslexia, and other unique brains • Michael Whitehouse
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Jennie Bellinger is a Certified Professional Coach and the host of the Badass Direct Sales Mastery Podcast. She works with badass direct sales moms who are ready to double their monthly income. An entrepreneur since 2010, she understands the desire to contribute to your family's future and be present with them in the here and now, and how difficult balancing those two priorities can be. So Jennie has learned the hard way (while building two separate businesses, raising two kids, and navigating a divorce) to fulfill that need to contribute and be there for her children.

Jennie is also known as The Direct Sales Domme. Luckily, as a Certified Professional Coach, her methods are very effective, not painful.


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For each guest, I ask them three questions on the application. Here are Jennie's answers:

Describe how you are successful: I've built two successful businesses since 2010. I've also launched two podcasts, one of which had ranked in the top 300 of all Business podcasts in the U.S. in 2022. All of this while successfully navigating a divorce, maintaining a positive relationship with my Wasband.

Describe how you are neurodiverse: I'm ADHD and known it since I was 14. I was officially diagnosed at age 23. My hyperactivity and my hyperfocus both are brain based (I'm not physically hyperactive).

Describe how your neurodiversity has contributed to your success: It's allowed me to be extremely flexible. In times when business wasn't going as great as I wanted, I have been able to pivot easily. I also choose to be grateful for the fact that my brain doesn't like to stay in negativity for long, so anxiety and depression aren't something that I have to deal with in myself.

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