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How To Confidently Master Your Next Job Interview w/Carrie-Lynn Hotson
Episode 1122nd April 2022 • SoloMoms! Talk • J. Rosemarie
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Attending job interviews can be a nerve racking experience.

Women especially, tend to lack the confidence necessary for a succesful job interview. Also, we tend to downplay solid skills we developed as moms due to lack of confidence in our own abilities.

Unfortunately, we sometimes don't know how to own our genius.

Carrie-Lynn is a former HR professional and Job Interview Coach. She shares her tips and strategies on how women can build confidence for a job interview. To do so they need to invest time to adequately prepare themselves for job interviews.


02:57 How to organize yourself for an interview. Free download to help you here.

04:10 Don't underestimate the skills you develop as a solo mother. Learn ways to apply them to the job description.

07:38 How to overcome interview fears

10:46 Missed opportunities during the interview process

Bio: Carrie-Lynn holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from Carleton University in Criminology and has a postgraduate certificate in Human Resources Management. She has worked for 25 years as a coach, leader , facilitator, and HR Senior Manager. Six years ago she started a business entitled Job Interview Coach based entirely on her desire to help people better understand the Interview process and develop the confidence to Rock Their Next Interview.

Carrie-Lynn is also an aspiring author. Her non-fiction business guide illustrates the importance for organizations to uncover the underlying needs, interests and issues facing their employees. The book provides leaders with strategic tools, assessments, and practices they can utilize in “Knowing Who You Lead” will be available to readers this summer.

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[00:06:35] But beyond that, I recognize that in this job you are going to require me to be able to. Offer innovative solutions to ideas, participate in committees. And I believe the experience that I have generated in my life will enable me to do that because I do it blank. So you need to draw it back to the job. [00:06:56] And that's where a lot of people, I always say they leave marks on the [00:07:00] table. They don't make the connection. [00:07:02] J. Rosemarie: Right. Right. And I guess that goes back to the confidence, right? Because you're thinking, well, You know, this person was interviewing me, you know, they're college educated, they're the boss and all this stuff. [00:07:16] And I'm coming with, you know, I know how to say when I shop or something like that, but we don't, we don't realize how we can apply those skills to the job. repeating what you're saying. So how can we overcome, if you could give some more, some points on how we can overcome those interview fears? [00:07:38] Carrie-Lynn Hotson: Yeah. And that's very, very important because you're absolutely right. I also say that the interview is not the time to practice. The interview is not the time to try to suddenly build this confidence. You need to have done interview preparation. I can't stress it more to people. Interview preparation is not just grabbing the job description and writing out a few [00:08:00] examples and then going into the interview. [00:08:01] Because sadly, the reason I started this job in the first place created this business was because I was an HR professional. And I was the one sitting on the opposite side of the table. And sadly watching people crash and burn in the middle of an interview because they got so nervous and they didn't have the confidence they needed. [00:08:20] And I knew that on paper, they could do the job. But they still have to orally prove it to me in an interview. They have to make those connections for me. And so if there was anything I could tell people, it's please invest in the energy and the understanding of how to prepare for an interview properly, because I promise, I promise your confidence will come up as you do this. [00:08:43] I tried to create a bunch of different ways that people could learn this because everybody learns differently. Everybody has different amounts of time. I have a YouTube channel. It's Carolyn Hotson Job Interview Coach, where literally in eight minutes or nine minutes, I'm teaching you about how to prepare for [00:09:00] the video interview or how to answer the questions or how to start to think about your examples. [00:09:06] So listen to some of that. Get the document, start to organize your thoughts and really understand the job you're applying for because the more you understand it and the more you understand the organization you're applying for, the more you can kind of confidently feel like, yeah, I could become a part of this organization. [00:09:23] They want me, that's what you have to tell me, tell me why I want you. Why are you my best candidate? [00:09:30] J. Rosemarie: Yes. Thank you. Yeah. I guess confidence is the key preparation and confidence and the preparation will give you the confidence, right? [00:09:39] Carrie-Lynn Hotson: Yeah, that's right.