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Rappers Over Thirty - Steven Laws EPISODE 10, 28th January 2021
ROT 010 A Jazzy Space Trip with R Kain Blaze

ROT 010 A Jazzy Space Trip with R Kain Blaze

In this episode: Imp plays music and interviews “R. Kain Blaze” an international award winning filmmaker who also happens to rap, publish magazines, direct, produces films, and is a member of the band “Afrofraktal”.

Blaze discusses his upcoming “Pajaud: Art+ Work” documentary about the late William Pajaud an African American artist known for his jazz themed paintings. The documentary will be available for free on www.FullOnBrawl.com from February 7th thru mid March of 2021. Or watch here https://youtu.be/MtrhlBx9Pjg

The two discuss Blaze being a vegan, killing Willie Lynch Syndrome, and Ava Duvernay and her good friend Oprah Winfrey

Imp also plays the “noise funk and whatever in-between” music from “Afrofractal” in this episode called “A Jazzy Space Trip with R Kain Blaze”

The songs played are:

"The Town Was Great", "Robo". "Fork Tongue Snake Eyes Buttered Men".

"Get Started" available at: www.afrofraktal.com

For more information: on R. Kain Blaze visit his official site: www.MegaFunk.com