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[Best of 2023] Use This Strategy To Improve Your Reading Skills in English
Episode 3719th December 2023 • The Speak English Fearlessly Podcast • Aaron Nelson
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I'm taking the month of December off from creating new episodes for this podcast, but that doesn't mean I'll leave you without something to help you keep making progress with your English or CELPIP prep goals!

Each week I'll be rereleasing episodes that were top performers over the year. If you're new to the podcast, you might just discover material you haven't heard yet. And if you've heard it before, treat it like a refresher for you!

Today: I'm sharing my best tips to help you improve your reading skills in English. This episode actually comes from one of my listeners who asked if I could help him with his reading skills. I hope these ideas help you too!

Free Resources Are Waiting For You!

I've got a growing bank of free resources waiting for you at

Everything is free for you - grab one or all of the tools you like. My favorite one: A language snapshop tool that will help you instantly see if you have a 1st language bubble working against you.

Having a 1st language bubble will set your English skill development back years if you don't stop it. You can find out more by going to - and yes, it's totally free.



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