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59 — Balancing Innovation and Responsibility: The Promise and Pitfalls of AI in MRX with Gary Ellis
Episode 5917th April 2023 • Greenbook Podcast • Greenbook
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What does it mean to use technology responsibly?

This week's episode features Gary Ellis, Co-Founder and CEO of Remesh, an AI-driven market research company. With a career spanning medicine and politics, Gary brings a unique perspective to the potential of large language models in qualitative research. In the episode, we explore how these models can generate discussion guides and summarize data, and discuss the significance of technology in advancing humanity and eliminating inefficiencies, even in the face of challenges like bad actors and power centralization. Gary emphasizes the future of MRX lies in using insights to create more value and a better world, enabled by technology that facilitates a more direct connection between producers and consumers.

You can reach out to Gary on LinkedIn.

Many thanks to Gary for being our guest. Thanks also to our producer, Natalie Pusch; and our editor, James Carlisle.