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Independence Day
Episode 2624th July 2024 • Verbal Diorama • Verbal Diorama
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Roland Emmerich is not known for being an auteur director, but he is known for his disaster movies; the most defining and well-known of which is Independence Day. A movie that was almost called Doomsday. Can you imagine celebrating our Doomsday every 4th of July?

A movie called Independence Day, released around Independence Day 1996, was never going to be anything other than a spectacle of American patriotism and the archetypal blockbuster. It was expensive, it was lucrative, and it was bombastic, and it could have only come out in the 90s. It would pay homage to The Day The Earth Stood Still, The War of the Worlds, and 70s disaster movies like The Towering Inferno, Airport and The Poseidon Adventure.

Emmerich and his writing partner Dean Devlin knew they wanted to make an alien invasion movie. Surely no one else was doing one at the same time?

Oh, hi, Tim Burton. Checkmate.

I would love to hear your thoughts on Independence Day !



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