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Episode 209: Noah LaRoche, Researching and Tinkering with Basketball
Episode 20930th March 2022 • The Basketball Podcast • Chris Oliver
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Guest: Noah LaRoche, Player Development Basketball Coach


In this week's coaching conversation, player development basketball coach Noah LaRoche joins the Basketball Podcast to share insights into researching and tinkering with basketball.

Noah LaRoche is the owner of integrity hoops and as a player development consultant and coach he helps college players prepare for the draft he works with pros like Blake Griffin, Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook, Harrison Barnes, Paul George, Victor Oladipo, and Diana Taurasi to name a few.

After his playing career at Saint Joseph’s of Maine playing for Rob Sanicola, LaRoche linked to Mike Procopio at Attack Athletics in Chicago, and for two summers he worked under world-renowned trainer Tim Grover, whose elite client list includes Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Charles Barkley, and other NBA stars. This experience earned LaRoche a job at Tilton Academy in New Hampshire, followed by a stint with a successful Chinese Basketball Association team. The next year, he made it to the NBA, working with the coaching staff of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Today, Noah LaRoche splits his time between the East and West Coasts. As a player development consultant for the Wasserman Media Group, an agency that represents over 50 WNBA and NBA players, he flies each spring to Los Angeles, where he helps college players prepare for the draft. In the summer, he works with pros. And in the fall and winter, it’s back to Portsmouth and Integrity Hoops, where he helps players develop skills, character, and “basketball IQ.” The mission of Integrity Hoops is to positively transform lives through basketball.



1:00 - Blake Griffin Scientific Offseason

4:00 - Positioning

8:00 - Applying Evidence-Based Ideas

17:00 - Job Preservation

23:00 - Feedback

28:00 - Playing Offense

30:00 - Individual Player Development

33:00 - Player and Coach Led Development

36:00 - Differential Learning

42:00 - Independent of Decisions

48:00 - Shared Cognition

50:00 - Random and Variable Reps

56:00 - Intervention

59:00 - Workout Coach

1:01:00 - BDT

1:08:00 - Jerome Robinson

1:12:00 - Conclusion


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