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Episode 49: What are you fighting FOR? Awakening the Warrior Within!
Episode 4922nd June 2022 • The Untamed Life • Christine Jewell
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It’s a dangerous place to be. 

That place where you begin to notice you have lost your inner fire, your vision suddenly becomes blurry, your thoughts unfocused, and you are tired - exhausted.

You are tired from fighting constant battles, tired from putting out one fire after another, reacting to everyone and everything around you instead of LEADING with conviction, clarity and certainty. 

It’s a dangerous place to be when you forget your REASONS to fight FOR something better - for yourself, for your children, your family, your future generations - and you start fighting for all the wrong reasons. 

If we don’t learn to fight FOR the RIGHT reasons, we will eventually pass on the responsibility of breaking the chains of the past, healing generations of pain and wounding and installing NEW standards for what life gets to look like - onto someone else. 

In today's show we are talking about

  • REMEMBERING what the fight is actually FOR 
  • RECLAIMING the territory of our minds, heart, homes and businesses
  • The hard truths about WHY most men and women are losing at the game of life and what’s really at stake (beside our selfish gains)
  • How we give the ENEMY an INVITATION and foothold to WALK RIGHT IN... and take over.
  • 10 Signs and “Symptoms” to look for that tell us we are in dangerous territory of losing what is dear to us
  • An actionable 5 step roadmap to SHIFT the game, ignite your inner fire and WIN the battles  

Notable quotes:

You must retrain yourself to channel your creative power and energy back from things that are life sucking and eventually destructive INTO those that multiply LIFE in yourself and others.

There is no clarity in the midst of chaos.

Each of us has a God-given assignment and mission IN this SEASON of our lives. Many are still holding on to an OLD assignment that has run it's course



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