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Building Community Through Juneteenth: Insights from Celeste Grayer
11th June 2024 • Saint Louis In Tune • Motif Media Group
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We sit down with multi-disciplined artist and social worker Celeste Grayer to discuss the upcoming Juneteenth celebrations in the St. Louis area, particularly the activities in the Delmar Loop on June 15th. Grayer, who is deeply embedded in the local community, shares her insights on the significance of Juneteenth, its recent recognition as a national holiday, and the importance of community engagement.

The episode also highlights various activities planned for the Juneteenth celebration, including a vendor fair, live music, and a 5k Race for Reconciliation. Grayer emphasizes the value of investment in community efforts and the educational aspects of cultural holidays. The episode aims to offer fresh perspectives on how to connect and thrive as a community while honoring historical legacies.

[00:00] Introduction to Juneteenth and Today's Show

[01:15] Meet Celeste Grayer: Artist and Community Leader

[02:00] Juneteenth Events in The Loop

[04:07] Organizing the Juneteenth Celebration

[09:51] The Importance of Community and Youth Engagement

[12:13] Celeste's Work at Sumner High School

[15:26] True Trifecta: Art and Business

[18:01] Reflecting on a Genuine Journey

[18:27] Salvation Army Show and Community Impact

[18:57] Balancing Social Work and Fundraising

[19:47] Brief Break and Introduction to Dred Scott Heritage Foundation

[21:15] Exploring St. Louis In Tune

[23:03] History and Significance of The Delmar Loop

[26:20] Juneteenth Celebration and Its Importance

[36:13] Engaging the Youth and Preserving Culture

[38:26] Conclusion and Final Thoughts

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