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Trailer22nd March 2022 • FemCatholic Civilization of Love • FemCatholic
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Sam and Danielle talk about women in the Church and the campaign:


S: Hey, I’m Sam!

D: I’m Danielle! We’re two of the co-founders of FemCatholic.

S: FemCatholic is a media company dedicated to having honest conversations about Catholic women in the world and in the Church.


S: We’ll be taking you behind-the-scenes on why we decided to launch this campaign and give you the 101 on what the Church actually says about maternity leave and supporting women in the workforce.

D: We’ll also get real about why women definitely should not be forced to go back to work two weeks after giving birth, and our vision for co-responsibility to change the current state of paid family leave in the Catholic Church.

S: Pope John Paul II said women should not be penalized for their motherhood, and made it clear that we need to redesign the systems in place to better support women and build what he called a “civilization of love.”

D: That was back in: