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Navigating the Deaf and Hearing Worlds With Author and Coach Kellina Powell
Episode 5524th April 2023 • Live Your Life, Not Your Diagnosis • Andrea W. Hanson : Author & Master Coach
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"As the Deaf Queen Boss, my goal is to teach others how to be inclusive and change how we approach mental health among people with disabilities and within the deaf community." - Kellina Powell

Kellina Powell is an entrepreneur and advocate who specializes in working with  young professionals with disabilities on managing depression, anxiety, and improving self-esteem. In her book, Everyday I Am Just Deaf, (available now) she shares her personal stories as a deaf person living in a hearing world. 

In this episode, Kellina shares her experiences, tips for people living with disabilities, and at the end of the podcast gives an uplifting pep talk that is not to be missed to people listening who feel isolated due to their disabilities. 

In this episode, Kellina talks about:

  • Her experiences living in two different worlds; the deaf and hearing communities
  • How she found confidence and self-worth as a deaf student navigating hearing schools
  • Why mental health is overlooked in the disabled community and why it’s important to normalize therapy for that community.

Connect with Kellina:

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